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District implements new menu system

Kensie Pao
LUNCH LINES – A Palo Alto High School student stands in line to receive the daily free lunch. Junior Cherianne Yoon says she is interested in trying out the new menu system being implemented. “I think that it would be very helpful for a lot of people that are on certain diets and want to know what the nutrition facts are,” Yoon said.

Students say they believe the new online lunch menu, which aims to make the lunch menu more accessible, is useful in making lunch plans.

The Palo Alto Unified School District is using Nutrislice, a free foodservice app that focuses on making food services more transparent. It is being added to the daily free lunch services provided for students to be able to view nutritional information.

Ava Spence, the district’s Child Nutrition Manager, said that PAUSD approached Nutrislice after researching possible menu services and finding that Nutrislice fit best with the schools.

“Nutrislice links directly to the nutrition software programs we already use in PAUSD-Primeroedge [the current nutrition software] so recipe information is seamless,” Spence said.

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Palo Alto High School junior Cherianne Yoon, who frequently gets school lunch, says the new menus will help her decide her lunch for the week.

“I would want to see what days have healthier options or more filling options and plan from there,” Yoon said.