Now a household name and known its iconic thumbs up, Facebook has become a colossal success with people all over the world for its ability to maintain digital connections. To take a closer look at its food, an aspect that transforms the company from a workspace to a second home, we visited the 57-acre Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park.

With over 200 people on the culinary team, Facebook offers diversified food options to cater to its 13,000 employees. Free food is just one of the perks that Facebook employees enjoy throughout the day.

Amidst the computer screens lined with code is the hip and modern Café Full Circle where we were immediately surrounded by a decorative wall studded with colored bowls, plates and utensils along with a wide variety of buffet stations.

Every day, the chefs of Full Circle create a new menu that reflects a different theme. On Justin Bieber’s 22nd birthday, the dishes were creatively named after the pop singer’s biggest hits.

After grabbing our food in a buffet line that buzzed with chattering employees, we walked into the cafeteria’s large dining area that was filled with open seating in simple chairs and large, rectangular tables. Outside, employees have access to a rooftop garden with various plants scattered near skylights and benches. There, they munched on their meals in peace and basked in the sun with a view of the green and blue of the baylands.

Just as we expected, Facebook’s overall eating experience was intriguing and entertaining.


Facebook served a Justin Bieber themed lunch complete with steak sliders, pasta, quinoa and a soft taco.

Never Say Never Steak Sliders With Gouda

[star rating = “5”]

As the Facebook chefs pointed out, you can’t go wrong with a side of burgers in any meal. Soft Hawaiian buns encompassed the thin medium rare slices of steak, marked with flecks of pink meat while melted gouda smeared on the bread added a creamy, sharp flavor to the sliders.

Kiss ‘n Tell Tacos
[star rating = “4”]

These tacos were a twist on the classic Mexican dish of soft tacos. A thin  tortilla with faint smears of flour cradled a bed of lettuce, pico de gallo salsa and a fried mozzarella stick. However, once the mozzarella stick was consumed, we were left with a dry tortilla and a messy mix of tomatoes and greens.

Love Me Vegan Macaroni and Cheese
[star rating = “3”]

This familiar dish was completely homemade with soft macaroni pasta coated with a creamy sauce, which sadly had no semblance of flavor.

Quinoa Beauty and the Barley Beat
[star rating = “2”]

The quinoa was infused with spices. Its grainy mix complemented the macaroni. However, it added no taste to the meal.