In case you didn’t know, summer is a-comin’, so pull out your tanning lotion! Or would you rather not expose your precious skin to the hot summer sun? You could do something more exciting, like jump off a cliff into the deep blue sea. If you are torn between these options, or want to know what other things you could do during your  precious months off, take this handy quiz below and figure out what kind of summer fits you.

Question 1

Would you rather…

A. Head down to Half Moon Bay in your shorts, iPhone in hand ready to take Instas of yourself with the artsy beach as a background.

B. Take a barista training course, where you can learn the perfect way to foam milk and how to look like a Brooklyner.

C. Train for an upcoming Ironman race, spending all day breathing hard and hydrating.

Question 2

Which of these would you like to eat?

A. Fraiche with berries and granola! Like, seriously, what else could you choose? You’re on that froyo hype and it’s basically an addiction.

B. Some strange food that you can’t pronounce. Pop it into your mouth, and don’t even bother to ask what is inside (you probably don’t want to know). Maybe it’s a turtle that’s been fed lion-meat for its entire life? Might as well eat it — everything tastes like chicken anyway.

C. A protein-shake. You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore.

Question 3

Who are you hanging out with this summer?

A. Your besties, duh! Sometimes you fight about silly things, but you love them, and how could you ever spend a summer without those gals?

B. A wrinkled man with a thin white mustache that probably doesn’t speak English, but can train you to catch a fish from a river with your bare hands. Imagine how impressed everyone will be when you come back home speaking a rare tongue and breaking things with your face.

C. The trainer. You’ll be pumping iron while listening to the sweet music of their voice pounding in your ear.


A’s = 0 points
B’s = 5 points
C’s = 10 points

0-9: Classic Teen Summer
Congrats! This summer, you’ll work up a tan that will take at least a few weeks to fade, and have memories from what is sure to be the best summer ever.  Remember to post lots of pictures on all your favorite social networking sites!

10-19: The “Cultured” Adventure
This summer, you will either travel to the far-off corners of the world, or have your own diverse experiences right here on the Golden Coast. You’ll probably have a hard time adjusting to the sedentary, conventional lifestyle of Palo Alto, but at least you’ll have some unique stories to tell the rest of us. Good luck on your adventure, make sure to stay safe, and don’t forget your English.

20-30: Ninety Day Fitness Challenge
You’ll spend the summer of 2013 lifting, running, and weighing yourself in preparation for next year. Whether your are training for a fall sport, or bulking up for fun, stay healthy, and remember: you’re not better than us.