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A yard of shipping containers turned into restaurants lies hidden next to McCovey Cove.

This Saturday morning, a breeze wades through your window and stirs something in you. Suddenly, you get the feeling to close the textbook on your desk. Reaching for your phone to Facebook message your friends, your back straightens as you become excited over the places you’ll go today. The pearl milk tea shop again? Mission Peak? Well you don’t want to be one of thousands who will Instagram yet another picture of themselves precariously clinging onto a questionable pole atop the windy summit. Check out some of these lesser-known adventure spots:

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A self-proclaimed “roaming mobile food extravanganza,” The Yard, a collection of  gourmet food trucks and pubs tucked in outskirts of the northern San Francisco, combines carnival activities with high-end food and free sides of music, craft and soul. As part of Off the Grid, a social movement to promote appreciation of food and culture in unexpected places, The Yard hides inside a baracade of shipping containers that blend in with the neighboring commercial dock. The lively atmosphere, stemming from sophisticated yet jovial customers, elevates the hipster San Francisco culture.

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Escape from a locked room! Bring a group of friends and try to escape from a locked room by solving riddles in under an hour. This activity which originates from Japan, fosters group cooperation and critical thinking. Different rooms have different themes and storylines which make each experience unique. If being able to escape successfully is important to you, the Time Travel Lab in San Francisco has a higher escape rate than the Myth room in San Jose.



McCovey Cove is shadowed by the giant silhoutte of AT&T park in San Francisco so most of the docks go unnoticed. The cove is especially nice to kayak or canoe around before sunset when the water beautifully reflects pastel colors of the sky. Rows of creatively named On game days, an exciting conglomeration of people will gather in the cove in boats to catch balls that are thrown out of the park.