What do you think about the new bell schedule for next year?

Verde asked students and teachers about the pros and cons of the new bell schedule. The schedule features 80-minute class periods, late start times and the replacement of C days with alternating blocks.

Alanna Williamson, English 10A teacher

“I’ll have to make a lot of adjustments … I’m looking forward to having my meetings in the morning … because it [the current meeting time] conflicts with my coaching [after school].”

Alysa Madrigal, freshman

“Because it ends a bit later … I might have less time after [to do homework] because I do theater.”

Aron Ma, sophomore

“Ending at 3:35 p.m. would push sports backbecause it would make every day a day where you would go back [home at] 6 p.m.

Vivian Feng, junior

“I’ll be missing more school … What I do like is it has an alternating block, so I won’t be missing the same class every time.”