candy-caneT’was the brunch before finals, and young students were hungry.holly
With grumbling tummies, they headed to Town and Country.

The students stomachs ached, with rumbles and groans

In hopes that they’d find food, they went to ol’ Trader Joe’s.candy-cane

holly There they were greeted with a heavenly sight:

A towering display of peppermint snacks of an enormous height.

The Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe-Joe’s were priced reasonably fair.holly

candy-caneThe $3.99 cost didn’t give their student budgets a scare.

The minty oreo insides mixed with the dark chocolate coating

Gave the young Paly students a euphoric feeling of floating

Next on their list were peppermint pretzel slims.candy-cane

hollyThe creamy and crunchy exterior satisfied their hungry whims.

But brunch was not yet over, the students discovered in glee,
According to their Apple watches, it was only 9:53.

candy-caneThe students then heard a commotion at Peet’s,holly

And weaved through the traffic atop the California sleet.

They initially settled on their regular Chai,
But then decided the Peppermint Mocha needed a try. candy-cane

holly“$4.30 is ridiculously expensive!

Philz is better!” the student tweeted, on the offensive.  

“I give this a 6/10 – the mocha is sweet, but bitter”

hollycandy-canePosted a young kid on their follower-less Twitter.

Away to Kara’s they went in search of Peppermint Twist,

The mini red and white cupcake had made their wish list.

While there was little peppermint, the cupcake was moist and truly quite scrumptiouscandy-cane

hollyThe rich, creamy frosting itself was delightfully sumptuous.

“Oh no my dear friend, it’s 9:58”

I cannot afford yet again to be late!”

candy-caneThe students made it back to their seats in time for the bell.holly

And thus ended the magic of the peppermint spell.