While Paly Theater has produced several successful plays in the past, their latest production, “Beauty and the Beast”  is promised to exceed all expectations. With the musical being performed in PALY’s new state of the art Performing Arts Center (PAC), there are many new features, such as an orchestra pit and a new constellation sound system, that will enhance the musical to make it like no other PALY production. According to director Kathleen Woods, everything in the PAC is bigger and more professional.

It is the first time that the play is being co-directed by a Theaterworks teacher, Meghan Hawkes, and the first time both choir teachers are collaborating.

“Because this is such a big production… it’s nice to have different points of view,” Woods said.

“All of these new perspectives and additions promise to make this play one of the best productions PALY has ever put on,” Woods said. “It’s refreshing to get more help, because we have such a big cast, big production, and in a new building,”

However, the technical aspect of this play is not the only thing the cast and crew are excited for the audience to see.

“This is one of Disney’s most classic stories,” Woods said. “The music is wonderful…it has a strong female character, it’s a really fun story, it appeals to children, but has a more mature story about two young people going through a lot and maturing.”

The cast has had a great time working together to put on this show.

“The most exciting part of the play is putting on a big musical in the theater and mixing all the performing art groups together ,” says Gil Weissman, who plays Lumiere.

Fellow cast member, Jackson Kienitz, agrees. “This particular production is exciting because I feel like it’s the first time we really get to take advantage of the new theater,” Kienitz said. “The PAC is the perfect space for a musical as elaborate and extravagant as Beauty and the Beast.”

For more information on show dates and times, visit www.palytheater.com.