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The Senior Section: Class of 2016


What would you tell your freshman self?

  • “Go to class, do your work, and don’t believe everyone who says freshman year won’t count because it does.” — Alexis Harris
  • “Run to tutorial.” — Emmanuelle Poivet

What will you miss most about Paly?

  • “Ym.” — Nikhil Rajaram
  • “Kimmy D.” — Britt d’Arezzo
  • “Seeing all my friends in one place.” — Shiv Matta

What was your favorite memory?

  • “When I clutched an A in math in the 10th grade.” — Adrian Wang
  • “Beach day 2.0.” — Alfredo Gonzalez

If your high school experience was named after a movie or TV show, which one would it be?

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  • “Master of None.” — Andy Kotik
  • “Trainwreck.” — Alina Gomez
  • “Survivor.” — Larkin Mcdermott
  • “Naked and Afraid.” — Christina Le

What’s next?

  • “Travel the world.” Emmanuelle Poivet
  • ‘I’m going to go to college for five years, get my teaching credentials and then adopt 7 children” — Alina Gomez
  • “I’m going to University of Washington, and I’m really excited.” — Aiva Petriceks

Any last words?

  • “Sorry paly attendance.” —Larkin Mcdermott
  • “It’s color deficient, not color blind.” — Carl Goodfriend
  • “Online Editor in Chief is a real theed.” — Jeremy Fu
  • “If you’re 45 minutes late, it’s still a tardy.” — Emmanuelle Poivet

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