What used to be the desolate courtyard of the late Borders is now a buzzing hub of creative flow and collaboration. Walking underneath the tea lights that hang above the courtyard, the only sounds are that of the many customers that are seated at small tables and benches scattered around the courtyard. On the 400 block of University ave sits Hanahaus, the newly opened tech-cafe and study spot.

Hanahaus prides itself in fostering an environment where passionate individuals can come together and build an intellectual community. This environment is enhanced by the many events sponsored and hosted by Hanahaus such as musical events and guest speakers.

“He [founder Hasso Plattner] had this vision of creating these community workspaces for entrepreneurs and creative individuals, a place where they can come in and work and meet their peers and learn from experts and be entertained,” says Sanjay Shirole, vice president of SAP and Global Head of Hanahaus.

hanahaus - outside

The used-to-be Border’s courtyard is now a buzzing hub of conversation as patrons of Hanahaus enjoy coffee or chat with friends and work partners.

Hanahaus is geared towards providing a productive work environment, which is achieved through features such as the tech desk and work environments. A large percentage of the space is dedicated to an atrium, where people can come to work and is filled with many different types of seating and tables to accommodate a variety of different needs. This communal space is surrounded by smaller conference rooms that can be rented for private use. Rates vary, depending on individual versus group use and the type of space rented. George, a patron of Hanahaus, values the café’s aesthetics.

“I find the architecture inspiring, I find it old and new,” George says. “[Hanahaus] is quieter than coffee shops and has a mixed use of space.”

Hanahaus also caters to the procrastination faced during a work period, with spaces that include a foosball table and a cafe that serves different types of food — from small plates and pastries to drinks that’ll give you a much needed caffeinated kick.

To check out Hanahaus’s upcoming events, take a look at the community calendar on the wall before the entrance to the main atrium. Multiple events take place at Hanahaus, from workshops to musical performances. Whatever the occassion, Hanahaus wants to be accomodating for it’s customers.

“The culture is to be generous,” Shirole says. “I’m trying to push that to everyone, to be generous. In the end, generosity doesn’t mean that you lose your shirt, but you don’t nickel and dime people.”