Following their open mic night, the Teen Art Council plans to focus on better publicizing their events to reach more students outside of the theater community.

The open mic, hosted at the Mitchell Park Library, consisted of 13 acts featuring student artists.

“I just love the support,” performer and Paly junior Christina O’Konski said. “I think this is the best audience you are ever going to get anywhere.”

The TAC is open to suggestions for activities that involve more students.

“I want less people to think that it’s just for Paly theater kids,” senior Nandini Relan said. “Theater [is] just one branch of art. Teen Arts Council is for all the arts.”

This year, TAC also hopes to encourage new people to become members, go to events, and attend weekly meetings.

“We have a clothing swap coming up,” Paly senior and the TAC publicity coordinator Emily Zhang says. “We also have an art and music festival every year.”