Following the release of a critical legal report on Sept. 20 and the resignation of the superintendent on Sept. 26, the Palo Alto school board faces key decisions on administration reform.

During a Sept. 26 meeting, the board announced its acceptance of Supt. Max McGee’s resignation. McGee, in his letter of resignation, cited “a host of personal reasons” for his departure.

As of press time, the board had yet to announce the appointment of an interim superintendent.

The school board listens as board member Todd Collins discusses the Cozen O’Connor report.

McGee’s resignation follows law firm Cozen O’Connor’s report on the district’s actions under Title IX, federal legislation which prohibits gender discrimination in public schools.

Their investigation found the district did not adequately inform complainants and their families of Title IX procedures after alledged sexual assaults on campus last year.

It was also noted that documentation on the incident was insufficient, as administrators “communicate by telephone or text message to avoid creating documentation that could potentially be publicly released.”

Paly teacher, Steve Sabbag, speaks in support of the Paly Administration.

They concluded “the District had no protocol for the tracking and monitoring of information received from external authorities, or compliance with directives from external authorities.”

In response to the reported failures of the district, COC recommends the district revamp Title IX training for administrators and enforce greater administrative oversight.

When asked about ideal traits he wants to see in his successor, McGee told Verde, “I think you need somebody who has a better focus on management and compliance issues and a better attention to detail. I am not the person with the best attention to detail.”