Initiatives surrounding underage vaping, equity and Title IX are at the forefront of Palo Alto High School’s new school board student representative’s vision.

“My goal is essentially to bring forward issues that adults haven’t really responded to in the past,” senior Caroline Furrier said.

Furrier has worked with Donald Austin, the new district superintendent, and the Associated Student Body to put together a series of speakers on the health effects of vaping as well as a campaign of anti-vaping posters in the bathrooms. She also intends to address equity through initiatives promoting better student support.

“We’re focusing on getting kids more resources, which in turn is encouraging funding for those resources like reading specialists or translators,” Furrier said. “It’s not an easy solution, but we’re working on it step by step.”

At the district level, Furrier has supported a proposition pushing for the hiring of a district lawyer to advise on Title IX-related issues.

“I think it’s good to have people keep the district in check with what they’re doing,” Furrier said, “especially when it comes to issues of Title IX because the district has had some issues with that in the past.”

Furrier urges students to reach out to her to provide input on board decisions and express their opinions on campus issues.