Local affordable housing and traffic conditions may be impacted once Stanford University’s General Use Permit is finalized by Santa Clara County.

If approved, the proposed GUP would allow Stanford to construct 2.27 million new net square feet of academic space and 3,150 new on-campus housing units on unincorporated county land between Page Mill Road and Sand Hill Road through 2035.

“The new space will support emerging academic fields, provide improved space for interdisciplinary collaboration and state-of-the-art research equipment … and accommodate potential modest growth in undergraduate enrollments in the coming years,” said Ernest Miranda, senior director of University Media Relations.

In lieu of these impending developments, Stanford is taking measures to ensure that construction does not increase congestion, a fear cited by the Palo Alto City Council. According to Miranda, the university offers free Caltrain passes, VTA passes, parking and shuttle services to facilitate affordable commutes for employees. The University is piloting a satellite worksite in San Jose for employees to work remotely and avoid commuting altogether.

“Stanford is committed to growing in a responsible way that minimizes the impact on the surrounding communities,” Miranda said.