Spirit Week starts on Oct. 24 and will feature several changes from past years, making it more inclusive and fair for all students of each class.

According to an official statement by the Associated Student Body at Palo Alto High School, one such change is to the spirit dance, where the 10-member limit has been removed. Now, each student who participates in the dance will earn a point for their grade, to incentivize inclusion.

“It incorporates so many more people, which I think will remind people of what Spirit Week is really about: getting close to your class and having fun,” said ASB Spirit Commissioner junior Emma Cole. “People seem to forget that when they’re in the midst of all the competition, but Spirit Week is about school pride and unity — not class rivalries.”

ASB also hopes to bring back quad rallies at brunch and a night rally.

“We’re still going through all the events, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a crazy year,” said ASB Spirit Commissioner Ariya Momeny.