Since Palo Alto High School made significant advancements in the quality and abundance of campus facilities, constructing state-of-the-art media and performing arts centers, the Peery Athletics Center and the newly renovated library, these spaces are often underutilized due to a lack of available supervision.

Currently, students are restricted to the crowded Media Arts Center or the occasional unlocked classroom during rainy lunches. By expanding student access to the Peery Center classrooms, the Haymarket Theater and other campus facilities, administrators would make significant strides to create a more comfortable environment for students.

Many of these facilities are closed to public use due to a shortage of supervision by administers. For example, many students are unable to use the gym during free periods because there is no direct teacher or administers present.

“For a gym so longly anticipated, it’s a shame that it doesn’t attract many new endeavors considering its potential,” senior Eyal Cohen says.

The same goes for the MAC. This month, since the opening of the new library, the MAC was closed during prep periods because the previous supervisor moved to the Student Center.

While it is important that students are provided supervision, we lose the opportunity to benefit from our top-notch buildings. Creating these spaces nurtures a sense of community at Paly and without these areas, we change the dynamic of the student body.

Therefore, admin should grant students access to these underutilized spaces so students can take advantage of the facilities that have been so graciously granted to us.