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So Fresh So Clean So 2019: Seniors reminisce on the past four years

Senior JP Ditto does a flip during the senior’s spirit dance. Photo by David Hickey.

From the spirit week themed truffula trees inspired by the Lorax to the jungle of Jurassic Park, the class of 2019 has always approached life with passion and purpose. As we get ready to throw our graduation caps in the air and celebrate our last moments with our childhood friends, we reminisce on the past and look forward to our bright futures. Here are some seniors’ reflections and words of advice from their time at Palo Alto High School. Stay fresh, Class of 2019!

What do you wish you knew as a freshman?

“Try a lot more clubs because then you have a wider base to decide from. If you join during junior year, it looks like you’re just doing it for college, but if you do it earlier, you’ll also have a stronger progression.”

— Antony Georgiadis

“Have fun. You’re never going to get high school again.”

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— Caroline Furrier

FUN IN THE SUN Seniors Nishant Patwardhan, Lucas Washburn and Miles Schulman hydrate and relax after enjoying a spikeball game. Photo by Kaitlyn Ho

“Chill out a bit. Try to have some fun before senior year. I didn’t really have as much fun until senior year. As long as you manage your time and get all your studies done, you can still do extracurriculars and everything, and you don’t have to worry so much about school because you’re going to be fine anyway. … Hit the Wellness Center as often as possible. You’ll stay well.”

— Nishant Patwardhan

Who would you like to see in 10 years?

“I want to see myself in 10 years because I’m truly iconic.”

Bo Fang

“I hope to see people who stood with me through high school and see the teachers that shaped me into the person I am.”

— Duane Rositas

“I would like to see Emily Tsoi. I actually just came from glassblowing with her, and I really enjoy how she sticks with everything she starts — even when things knock her down. I can’t wait to see where that brings her in life.”

— Bridget Leonard

NO PANTS NO PROBLEM Seniors Aisha Kothari-Saura and Bridget Leonard pose for a photo during Paly’s unofficial “no pants day.” Photo by Kaitlyn Ho

“I’d like to see some younger teachers and see what they look like.”

Lucas Washburn 

“My friends. Hopefully they didn’t forget about me.”

— Isabel Hadly

What do you want the Class of 2019 to be remembered for?

“Class of 2019 should be remembered for working hard and playing hard because @postPalyplans.”

— Shannon Zhao

“Fancy Friday, dapping up, and the Primal Scream, which is screaming before finals to let out your angst.”

— Kevin Cox

“We sent it every day of every week.”

— Sydney Schwan

“I always thought we were children at heart.”

— Eric Solway

FRIENDS FOREVER Seniors Eric Solway, Josh Singh and Rohan Maheshwaran pose for a photo after discussing their favorite moments at Paly. Photo by Riya Sinha

“I want the class of 2019 to be remembered for the amount of minorities that made it lit.”

— Jordan Parker

“We’re a very diverse but well-connected grade. We have a lot of spirit. In all our various pursuits, we go above and beyond.”

— David Foster

“Our senior prank.”

— Aiden Chang

What have you discovered about yourself during your time at Paly?

“I changed a lot, especially during senior year. Well, I guess it is more of a realization, but AP Lang was when I realized that I’m not fully literate. Sometimes when we read in class, I just move my eyes back and forth and pretend I understand what the author is saying, but I don’t.”

— Robert Vetter

“It [Paly] taught me a lot of lessons… It taught me to be a more open person. Paly has made me more bold because the teachers and students always encourage me to be a better person.”

— Isaiah Schoenberger

“Something I’ve discovered about myself is how tough I can be, and how strong I am in certain situations.”

— Leslie Santos

“I became more organized and in charge of what I wanted to do.”

— Pamela Rivera