Anatomy and Physiology H

Slated to be taught by current biology teacher Randy Scilingo, this class will explore human anatomy at a college level through labs and interactive workouts.

“I get a year to teach essentially what I learned at Cal Poly in 11 weeks,” said Scilingo. “But now, I get to stretch it out and totally boost it with all kinds of really, really fun stuff.”

Media Leadership and Management

Honors and non-honors leadership credit will be offered to seniors continuing with a publication for their second year.

“Everyone will still participate in whatever publication they’re in, but the honors kids will be doing … extra readings and projects related to how to effectively lead and manage a group of people,” said journalism teacher Rod Satterthwaite.

AP English Language and Composition

This yearlong course will be offered to juniors and seniors. Unlike the fiction-focused AP Lit., AP Lang. emphasizes non- fiction and argumentative writing.

“We encourage anyone who is interested to sign up,” stated English Instructional Leader Shirley Tokheim in an email.