A new attendance policy will be implemented starting immediately, according to Palo Alto High School principal Kim Diorio.

A policy was approved by the Paly Education Council on Sept. 26. With four cuts from the same class, a student will now have to attend Saturday school. There is also now a 72-hour window for parents to call in their child for missing class.

According to Diorio, before the 2012-2013 school year, there was a rule stating if a student were to have five cuts in the same class they would be dropped with an “F” or “N/A” on their transcript.

When the district deemed this unreasonable, it was taken out of the handbook. Without the risk of an automatic drop from the class, students were more willing to cut classes.

With the new policy in place, Diorio is expecting positive outcomes.

“I’m confident that the Paly students are going to do the right thing and [that] they’re going to start coming to class more regularly,” Diorio said.