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Rainy campus: Splashing into a season of showers


Rain is a scarce sighting on Palo Alto High School’s campus. While some students take out raincoats, boots and umbrellas, others just pull their hoods over their heads to stay dry.

This semester, the campus saw four rainy days in the first two weeks of November — the first ounces of rainfall since March.

“Since it doesn’t rain often here, I found it really beautiful minus the fact that we all got somewhat drenched,” senior Trianne Hontiveros said. “It was definitely a change of scenery to see the Quad empty while students had their lunches either indoors or huddled outside of the classrooms. The rain was short-lived but it made the day quite cozy.”

We explored corners of Paly’s campus on those rare rainy days and captured what went on outside, from puddles and dripping buildings to students hiding under roofs to stay dry.

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