1. When your friend ditches you when you’re supposed to go ice-skating you…

A. Invite other friends and have a blast — making sure to post on Snapchat.

B. Stay home, cry about it and make her feel guilty.

C. Don’t mind and go anyways, ice-skating is the best!

D. Call your friend out for ditching you and tell her to find a new friend.

2. The best thing to do over Christmas break is…

A. Fiesta!

B. Start Twitter drama anonymously.

C. Decorate gingerbread cookies.

D. Debate including Jewish holidays at Paly.

3. You want to go out on New Year’s eve but your parents won’t let you, so you…

A. Sneak out and party anyways, they’ll forgive you.

B. Stay home and ignore them all night.

C. Have a blast hanging out with them instead — they’re fun too!

D. Call them out for not letting you go and then leave because no one has authority over you.

4. The best place to go on winter break vacation is…

A. Cabo. Anywhere in Mexico and South America honestly.

B. Nowhere because you are too stubborn to leave town.

C. Anywhere, as long as you’re with the people you love.

D. Paris, Milan, New York, anywhere that has things to do.

Mostly A’s: You’re Mexican hot chocolate! You’re sweet and untraditional. You like going to fiestas and aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You also aren’t afraid of taking some heat, especially if the outcome is fulfilled by standing up for something you believe in.

Mostly B’s: The Starbucks salted caramel mocha fits your palate. Sometimes a little too sensitive, people have to watch what they say when they’re around you. Although you can be salty, in the deep depths of your soul you have a sweet side.

Mostly C’s: The peppermint white hot chocolate, you are traditional and full of love and joy for the holiday season. Partaking in activities such as ice-skating in Union square and singing holiday carols, you enjoy taking advantage of everything the holiday season has to offer. Always warm-hearted towards your friends and family, the holiday seasons are your favorite time to be with your loved ones.

Mostly D’s: Spiced cider, you are feisty and sassy. When feeling small in a crowd, your boldness shines through as you express your opinions without censoring it. You have a fresh perspective and are blunt when people ask for advice.