Partners in Education is donating a record-breaking sum to the 2013 Annual Gift to the Palo Alto Unified School District, allowing for increased funding of various classes and activities at Palo Alto schools.

A PiE press release states that the money is intended to provide for more enrichment and counseling, as well as to keep electives running.
“PiE’s donations absolutely make a difference,” said Paige Johnson, Palo Alto High School guidance counselor.  “Before [2011] we only had three guidance counselors and one college and career resource.”

The donations have made it possible to take on two more staff members.
At the elementary school level, it will be used to pay for more classroom aides, math and reading specialists and the creative arts.

Middle schools should see an increase in funding for emotional and social development, as well as grade transition guidance, while high schoolers will be receiving more funding for career-related electives and getting more guidance in planning for their post-secondary future.

PiE collected the donation from over 4,500 donors, and handed the money over to the district on Feb. 26, according to the PiE website. The money PiE provides the district each year influences the district on all levels.