Paly to welcome Career Month Speakers

Emma Cockerell

Palo Alto High School’s ninth annual Career Month will take place from Feb. 27 to March 9 in the LCR and SSRC.

According to Career Month organizer Stella Wan, the goal of the two-week long speaker series is to provide students an opportunity to explore jobs they were arlready interested in while learning about new professions.

“We want students to earn about the journeys of successful adults and what their experience were like when they were our age and in college,” Wan said. “Our goal is also to encourage students to pursue what intrigues them, and to give them an in-person connection to adults who have found fulfillment in their work.”

According to Tilak Misner, a co-organizer of the event, the Career Month team is seeking parent volunteers to help set up and clean up before and after each talk.

A free lunch, catered from Spot Pizza or Como Estas. will be provided to the first 250 student attendees each day.

Parents seeking to volunteer should contact Beth Martin at [email protected] with their availability.