The current student lounge area is a corner in the library. This will be moved shortly to the SSRC.

A new student lounge in the SSRC is expected to be complete and available to students in by second semester of this school year.

According to Palo Alto High School’s assistant principal, Kim Diorio, the SSRC, located in the library building, will be transformed into a new area for students to socialize and eat lunch as an alternative to the student center and the library.

“[We] need more indoor spaces for students to gather,” Diorio said.  “On rainy and cold days the library is just packed.  [We want to] provide an additional area on campus for students to go.”
The new SSRC will be designed by the Associated Student Body, Paly’s student government.
“We wanted students to design the space,” Diorio said.  “[It should be] for students, by students.” Diorio added that the administration hopes to find an adult to supervise the new space to keep everything going smoothly.
With the start of the second semester, the SSRC will no longer be available for its previous functions, and according to Diorio, all meetings scheduled in the SSRC have been moved to the ERC or portable P-1, which will be a new meeting space on campus.