A student-directed play starring two crosstown actors — one from Palo Alto and the other from Gunn — debuts at Gunn Studio Theater on Feb. 24 and 25.

Written by Nick Payne, “Constellations” features a pair of star-crossed lovers whose love is shown through different universes, time and space, according to Paly senior Zoe Sego, who plays Marianne, the female lead. Gunn’s Sam Hyrkin will star as Roland, Marianne’s lover.

“It’s a love story about a theoretical physicist and a beekeeper and how they kind of interact in different parallel universes,” Sego said. “It’s very much a thinker play.”

“That [the script] was definitely the biggest factors that resonated with me while I was doing it,” Sego explained. “Also working with the people too — that has also been a big factor in pursuing it and devoting a lot energy time to.”