Through clear glass windows, children laugh as they press an array of buttons and screens. Rows and rows lined with new and innovative tech gadgets entice curious families into the store.

The b8ta store’s location in downtown Palo Alto provides easy access to local start-ups, although they also feature tech products from international companies.

“There’s a projector, the XGIMI Aurora, which is from Japan — it’s a fully thrown 3D projector that’s the size of [a] lunchbox,” says Jake Cardin, a b8ta product tester. “Click and Grow has been with us from the beginning, and they’re from Estonia. So we definitely get quite an eclectic group.”

b8ta’s philosophy of displaying products out of the box allows customers to test out showcased gadgets. From high-tech wearables to devices that advance your lifestyle at home, b8ta provides an array of tech gadgets that attracts people of all ages. Here are a few of Verde’s favorite products from b8ta.  


The Petcube is an interactive camera that allows you to watch, play with and talk to your pet from your smartphone.

Watch your pet and talk to it with the 2-way audio system whenever you are not at home. You can even play with your pet with the built-in laser.


With just a push of a button, Juicero gives you fresh, organic juice that you can get at home. Juicero uses technology to cold-press “Juicero Packs” that come in a variety of flavors containing organic pre-washed and chopped produce.

This means there is no need to prepare the ingredients or clean up! Additionally, the Juicero App allows users to manage Juicero Pack deliveries, check the expiration dates of their Juicero Packs and know the nutritional facts about the juices they drink.

Click & Grow

Who ever said you needed a green thumb to have a garden? The Smart Herb Garden is a self-automated planter that anyone can use to have an indoor garden.

The special technology in will water and fertilize your plants for you. Simply plug in the device, put in the plant cartridges, add water to the tank and let the Smart Herb Garden take care of the gardening.

Boosted Board

Are you looking for a fast and exciting form of transportation to get to school or work everyday? This fully electric skateboard can zoom past traffic jams and up steep San Francisco streets up to 22 miles per hour. Its water resistant electronics, sturdy bamboo board and wireless remote control are sure to improve your transportation experience.

This board has been a long-time favorite of employee Jake Cardin. “I’ve always been a skate rat at heart,” Cardin says. “I’ve followed this company for a long time, even before I worked at b8ta. I signed up on b8ta, found out that we actually carry the product, so it’s definitely one of my favorites.”


We all love taking beautiful photographs. However, picking up a DSLR camera can be overwhelming, and often takes weeks to fully understand. Relonch is a unique camera that has no screen, no settings and no zoom. Instead, the clean and simple design simplifies the photo-taking process.

All photographs are automatically sent to a Relonch, a Palo Alto start-up, where they are professionally edited using artificial intelligence. The next day all photos are sent to your phone, and you pay $1 per one full quality edited photo that you want to keep. The $500 cost of the camera goes towards credits for edited images.


Have you ever been torn between flossing your teeth or not because removing the floss from its container was just too difficult of a task?  Fear no more — with only the press of a button, Flosstime dispenses the perfect length of floss and rewards you with a smile. Dispensers are available in the shape of a frog, fish or crab.