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Ohlone Elementary hosts 50th anniversary

Kensie Pao
FABULOUS FIFTY — PAUSD school board candidate Shana Segal gives a speech on her favorite memories from Ohlone. Many people also reminisced on their time at Ohlone. “It really felt like a family,” Alumnus Kelly Moore said.

Ohlone Elementary school held its 50th Anniversary Celebration featuring food, activities, and guest speakers on May 4.

Ohlone teachers, alumni, as well as PAUSD board members attended the celebration and spoke about their memorable experiences during their time at the school.

Volunteer Rebecca Marasco said the celebration included many different activities.

“There’s a STEM event because today is May the fourth,” Marasco said. “And there are a lot of Arts and Sciences you can do around Star Wars.”

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Alumnus Kelly Moore shared his favorite memories and events.

“I would say the Spring Fling,” Moore said. “And then of course the Monkey King play, were the highlights.”

Similarly, former music teacher and alumni John Henry Bradshaw, who performed at the celebration, expressed his deep connection to Ohlone.

“To me, Ohlone was to find the shape you fit in, not to try to fit you into a box,” Bradshaw said.