Chartered clubs on Palo Alto High School’s campus has dropped significantly since last year, according to Student Activities Director Matt Hall.

According to Hall, 71 clubs were chartered this semester, as opposed to 86 from fall last year and 96 in the 2014-15 academic year.

“There are fewer clubs this year than in previous years,” stated Maya Lathi, Associate Student Body vice president, but overall student interest has not suffered. Club presidents saw “significantly more” sign-ups per club this Club Day.

Both Nagar and Lathi agreed that the high temperatures during club day were one major problem.

“I wish I had given clubs a heads up so they could have prepared,” Lathi stated. Nagar hopes to remind club leaders to bring water bottles or umbrellas in future years.

Ultimately, both ASB leaders considered Club Day a major success. “It was so great seeing the quad packed with interested students, and also seeing all of the interesting and creative clubs in one place,” Nagar stated.