The Parent Teacher Student Association has not yet reached its fundraising goals this year, jeopardizing future PTSA-funded programs at Palo Alto High School.

According to PTSA President Rebecca Fox, the budget, which is $175,000 this year, is usually met by September. However, as of Oct. 16, only two-thirds of the funding had been met.

If donations do not come in, the repercussions could affect programs important to the school, including Viking grants, which provide the opportunity for teachers to try interesting and innovative programs in the classroom. Some teacher requests have already been delayed due to the lack of funds.

According to Fox, the PTSA meets its annual budget through parent donations, which are collected from the back-to-school packet. This year, however, the packet was not sent out through the mail but was instead made available online.

“This change in distribution actually increased the electronic donations through the Paly Web Store, but the amount of mailed-in checks dropped considerably,” Fox said.

In an effort to avoid making cuts, the PTSA sent a follow-up letter to parents on Oct. 23, attached with a donation form. According to Fox, this is standard procedure for cross-town counterpart Gunn High School.

“Gunn always does a follow-up,” Fox said. “I guess we’ve been lucky thus far with our donations.”

Despite the deficit, Fox remains confident that, with the follow-up letter, PTSA will reach its budget.

“I feel like the parents will pull through,” Fox said. “I think they just needed a reminder.”