“I take it with me all the time… I have tried a lot of different types of water bottles, I have tried the canteen, I have tried the weird gatorade bottles… I just feel like the hydroflask … this one is super insulated so it keeps the water really warm.  Fun fact: I prefer warm to hot water … I don’t really like ice water, or [and], no one likes room temperature water… I just think it is really great to carry around, especially if you have tea or honey water”

— Ally Chang, sophomore

“I do choir; it is called I Sing. [I]t’s a big part of my life … I am very centralized around the arts … I like I Sing because you get to know a lot of people and a lot of my really good friends are in I Sing and I have made really good friendships in I Sing. I get to learn the music and the teachers are great. The music we sing is wonderful, and we get to go on tour everywhere. We went to Germany last year, Austria and the Czech Republic.”

— Giada Parigi, freshman

“I like nice bikes. They work well, they fit together, and then they run really smoothly. [I would define a good bike as] one that… looks sleek, looks professional, looks stylish, has nice colors on it: grey”

— Cyrus Xu, junior

“I have so many different genres, I like trap music, but I also like slow jazz and Chet Baker, but then also Shoreline Mafia… Nowadays, specific authors specialize in their genre, and so you can really get that really wide range of music. It definitely depends on what mood I am in. I am not always up for sad music …  when I am really happy, I will listen to hype music, rap music, stuff like that.” 

— Rachel Lysaght, sophomore