Art by Annie Zhou

Art by Annie Zhou

Not ready for the harsh California winter? Here are a few tips to make it more bearable!

Even in California, a drop in temperature is a staple of winter. But why sacrifice your fashion sense for sensibility? You don’t need to give up your Birks or part with your Rainbows. Just slap on some socks and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Don’t let the lack of snow limit you! Why miss out on hallmark winter activities like snow angels and snowmen when the quad has ample sleet to use for all of your winter needs. Lay down in the middle of the quad during brunch and show the school your best sleet-angel. Then, build your very own gender-neutral snow figure because in progressive Palo Alto we all know that snow figures with assigned genders are a social construct that belongs in the past.

Animals hibernate, so why can’t high school students?  Swaddle yourself in blankets and sleep the day away.

If you’re looking to pass the time between naps, take a trip out to the car and pop a squat. Turn the butt warmers on and simply enjoy. Optional: Lure in a friend with the promise of a pumpkin spice latte. Whether or not you choose to actually purchase the drink is a matter of preference.

Whatever you do, stay far away from San Francisco. Should you choose to venture to our local Siberia, your body will go into shock from the gigantic drop in temperature and you will likely freeze to death. After spending so much time in Palo Alto, your body probably cannot withstand any temperature colder than that of the Winter Lodge.