‘Tis the season for joy, gratitude, and, of course, gift-giving. This year, revamp your holiday shopping list with these four gift suggestions for the friends and family who you would otherwise be buying a gift card.

For your perpetually stressed APUSH classmate:

If you have a friend who would benefit from a little relaxation, go for an adult coloring book – they’ve been shown to decrease stress and boost creativity. Bonus: your politically geeky friends will love reliving the glory days of this election with a Bernie Sanders-themed coloring book.

$17.99 at Palo Alto Sport Shop & Toy World (Landmarks) and $14.00 at Urban Outfitters (Bernie Sanders)


Photo by Tamar Sarig

For the aspiring green thumb of your family:

This miniature garden in an egg carton is a cute and thoughtful gift for any nature lover who doesn’t have the space or time for an actual garden. Also, the box claims that all the included plants are edible, which is a definite plus for your food-loving acquaintances.

$12.99 at Palo Alto Sport Shop & Toy World

For the friend who prefers Instagram over real life:

Retro technology is back, and cameras are no exception. If you don’t want to shell out for a Polaroid, this decorative disposable camera is a good replacement, and your artsy friend will love you for buying them this pretty and functional gift.


Photo by Tamar Sarig

For the distant relative you know nothing about:

You can’t go wrong with food, even if it is made of plastic. Help somebody update their tree (if Christmas is their thing) with some adorable doughnut-shaped ornaments.

$14.00 at Urban Outfitters