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Halloween Help: Fast and Easy Dress Up


Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes the Halloween enthusiast’s eternal dilemma: to spend $50 on an overpriced store-bought costume, or try (and probably fail) to make your own? Luckily, a third option is available for those of us who have neither money nor artistic talent. Using household materials and some affordable crafting supplies, you can easily create a costume that is functional, low-cost, and unique. To demonstrate, we searched Jo-Ann Fabrics (and our own closets) for inexpensive supplies like flannel, felt, ribbon, and a fake garland. (A word to the wise: be sure to use a coupon at a store like Jo-Ann, where products can get somewhat pricey but are significantly cheaper with the many discount options.)

We left with a shopping cart full of green and white felt, blue and yellow flannel, tacky glue, polyfill fiber, and elastic band, all cheap enough to keep each costume under $26.

Using our craft-supplies haul and some everyday clothing articles, we put together three creative, easy-to-make, no-sew DIY costumes for you and your fashion-forward dog. Mouse over the image below for simple instructions.


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  • 1 yard green felt ($5.99)
  • 1 yard blue flannel ($5.99)
  • 0.5 yards white felt ($4.oo)
  • 0.5 yards yellow flannel ($3.00)
  • 1 bottle tacky glue ($4.49)
  • 1 bag polyfill fiber ($7.99)
  • Roll of elastic band ($4.99)
  • Ribbon (black & white)
  • Fake garland
  • Safety pins
  • Sharpie
  • Fabric scissors