Step 1: Deceive
We have all been that person who feels like a jerk because they don’t want to give up their gum to a stranger or even a close friend. You pull out your gum, excited to break the monotony of whatever block period is dragging on. Reaching into your backpack in itself can attract the vultures. There are two options: be a jerk or give it up. My solution: come prepared. Always bring an extra empty pack of gum so that when people ask you can support the excuse, “It was the last piece,” with evidence.

Step 2: Dispose
Do you spit your gum out into the trash can, or do you politely drop it into the trash? There is no clear-cut right way to do it. However, for people with long hair, spitting your gum into the trash cans becomes much more complicated. There have been many victims of disposals gone wrong where gum misfires and tangles itself into your hair. On the other side, you can take the gum out of your mouth but risk multiple chances to spread germs to yourself and others. Overall caution is advised.