The Guidance Department is starting off the month of June by moving into the remodeled library building to be closer to students.

Although guidance staff members say they will miss the old space — a subdivided historic chamber in the Tower Building, almost all look forward to what the new facilities will offer.

“I think the renovation is beautiful and I am looking forward to being in a space with better climate control, better privacy — our offices have ceilings — and fewer spider webs,” stated James Hamilton, guidance counselor for the Class of 2019.

*Details of room arrangements are not finalized and may change. Details of current plan provided by Teacher Advisor Program Co-Coordinator Ann Deggelman

Benefits of the new facility will include a college representative visit room with a collapsable wall, a staff kitchen, shorter bathroom lines, and a single location students can go to for everything from college and career guidance to chatting confidentially with a counselor.

“We are moving as one unit to the new library,” Ann Deggelman, teacher advisor co-coordinator, said.

There are still rooming details yet to be confirmed. Many guidance staffers say they anticipate that it will be easier for students to visit due to their closer proximity.

As a result of the move, adjustments are to be made among the branches of the Guidance Department.

“One thing that we need to figure out is connecting Wellness with Counseling,” Hamilton noted. “Our departments work closely with another and not being in the same building is something we are going to have to learn to navigate.”

“Services rendered are what matter, and we will continue to provide top-notch counseling to any and all in need.”

– James Hamilton

In addition to this, Hamilton voiced concerns about spacing.

“The waiting area is inadequate, the offices are small – having two parents and a student could be a tight squeeze, and the lighting gives a dark and dreary feel more akin to a NYC subway than a counseling office,” he said.

A CHANGE IN SETTING The Guidance Department will move into the new space over the summer. “Everyone’s very optimistic [about the move],” Derek Moore, Palo Alto Unified School District chief technology officer, said. Photo by Kayla Brand

Guidance Counselor Susan Shultz agreed, explaining that there are accommodations that need to be made.

“We’re much more separated [in the new building]. … So there’s just going to be some logistics we have to work out,” she said.

Shultz has advised countless students from her office in the tower building for over two decades, and has very mixed feelings about the move.

“I’ve been in this building forever – for 20 plus years and this is a beautiful, special, and incredible building,” she said. “I’ll get teary eyed here. My heart and soul will always be in this building. I understand, for the most part, the need to have to move into something newer and probably better equipped for us.”

Although these facilitative changes will take time getting used to, the staff still agrees that their services are always of utmost priority.

“All in all there are pros and cons,” Hamilton said. “Services rendered are what matter, and we will continue to provide top-notch counseling to any and all in need.”