Palo Alto High School is of the few high schools in the country with a glass-blowing studio. Students and adults alike take advantage of the year-round workshops and classes, as well as the frequent glass ornament and pumpkin sales. Lesser known, however, is the unique sculpture program, in which students use traditional and new media to explore three-dimensional artistic expression. They learn several techniques including ceramic sculpture, pottery and glass-blowing.

Senior Eduardo Guayo paints his superhero sculpture.

Ceramics and sculpture instructor Steve Ferrera adds finishing touches to a glass ornament. They were sold outside the Tower Building on Dec. 12.

Senior Emily Hain sprays her sculpture’s wings.

Kathleen Elliot, a guest presenter and professional lamp maker, demonstrates how to make a triangular glass bead.

Senior Peter Laminette bends over a potter’s wheel, gently but firmly molding the spinning clay into a perfectly smooth bowl.

Junior Caroline Leichter carves out an enlarged penny.

A glass flower made by a ceramics student.