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A few Palo Alto High School parents enjoy some food while conversing with each other at the Parent Fair. The fair is meant to give parents a window into their kids life at Paly. “So that was nice to just kind of start to get a peek into the community there” parent Franci McFarland said. Photos: Kensie Pao
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Organizers are calling the first annual Parents Fair at Back to School Night at Palo Alto High School last month a success. 

According to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson, Principal Brent Kline came up with the idea of this event as a way to make Back to School Night more engaging. 

We get out there, we introduce ourselves, we talk,” Berkson said. “Why not have a little bit more of a get-together for people to enjoy some food and set the tone for the rest of the day?”

The fair was well received by parents who found it to be a good glimpse into their kids’ lives.

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“[It] was nice to just kind of start to get a peek into the community there,” parent Franci McFarland said.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to really get exposed to all the different things Paly has to offer, and in a more centralized way”

— Paly parent Marcella Millan

Many parents are excited to see this new event become a new Paly tradition.

“I am very happy to see this come along and hope it continues into the upcoming years,” parent Marcella Millan said. 

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