This year, Palo Alto High School will reintroduce an extra minimum day after finals, giving students the chance to return library books, clean out lockers, and spend time with friends and teachers.

“When you have that little short day, you get to see all your classmates one more time” said Carolyn Benfield, administrative assistant. “It’s an opportunity to sign yearbooks and have that traditional old-fashioned last day of school.”

While this day is provided in part for students to say farewell to their teachers and peers, they are also encouraged to use this opportunity to make any last-minute book returns.

“Right now we have about 600 [overdue] books,” Library Assistant Debbie Henry said.

Supposedly a chance for students to sign yearbooks and clean out lockers, senior Noah Yuen said this isn’t necessary.

“I’m sure they can sign yearbooks and stuff but they usually do that throughout the week,” he said. “Not a whole lot of kids at Paly have lockers.”

However, Yuen believes that the day will serve as a relaxed opportunity to catch up with friends.

“I think it would be a good to not have academics, but also to see everyone before summer,”Yuen said.