UVA's Luke Schroder  Photo by Eliza Ackroyd

UVA’s Luke Schroder
Photo by Eliza Ackroyd

UltraViolet Astronaut 

Junior Luke Schroder is a DJ who remixes and produces music under the pseudonym UltraViolet Astronauts (UVA).

Schroder has performed multiple times, ranging from small birthday parties to a club in San Francisco.

“I really like when I’m doing a live mix and seeing everyone jumping with that song and seeing them react to my music,” Schroder says. “It’s really cool to be in charge of that.”

Whenever inspiration strikes, Schroder begins his song, usually by sitting at his keyboard, playing out a lead, and working from there.

Schroder competed in a mixing competition, going against around a hundred other artists. He won, and recieved money and a release with Cupat Records, a Brazilian record company.

Currently, Schroder is part of a talent pool, a group of musicians vying for a contract with the record label Monster Cat. If he secures a spot, he could be going on tour with the label next summer.


William III's Will Kast  Photo by Eliza Ackroyd

William III’s Will Kast
Photo by Eliza Ackroyd

William III

Junior Will Kast composes electronic music under the stage name William III.

With the versatility the electronic genre presents, Kast can create a wide range of music.

“There’s a lot of really diverse stuff out there and I really enjoy it,” Kast says.

After taking lessons, he learned the basics of mixing and synthesizing, using a computer program called Logic Pro and a mixing board, along with other tools. From there, he applied his skills to his first EP, “Saltus.”

When Kast begins a song, he creates a simple, basic foundation using one element, such as a snare drum. With this beat as his base, he’ll add in instruments, baselines and other sounds he makes from scratch using synthesizers.

Kast plans on continuing to produce music after high school.

“I’ve never considered stopping making music, because it’s just always something that’s on my mind even when I’m not doing it,” Kast says.

White Noise Symphony's Fabo Garduño  Photo by Eliza Ackroyd

White Noise Symphony’s Fabo Garduño
Photo by Eliza Ackroyd

White Noise Symphony 

Junior Fabo Garduño is the man behind White Noise Symphony, his one-man band that makes both covers of songs and original compositions.

After Garduño found his passion for music, it quickly became a major part of his life. Along with mixing, he plays the piano, guitar, and drums.

“I eat, sleep, go to school and make music,” Garduño says.

Garduño begins a song with a melody or a chord progression, and then goes from there. He incorporates lyrics into most of his music and invites local artists or friends to sing for his tracks.

Like Kast, Garduño relies on Logic Pro to make his music.

“I try to blend in acoustic instruments with electronic stuff so there’s a good mix of both,” Garduño says.

He came out with his first album, “Momentum,” after a year and a half of work. The album is published on Soundcloud.

“I want to make a living out of it,” Garduño says. “That’s why I take it all so seriously.”