With another student gun control walkout planned April 20, the next district hurdle will be to plan an appropriate response.

In response to the Palo Alto High School walkout on March 14, administration extended brunch by 10 minutes  to reduce disciplinary action, according to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson.

“We find that 10 extra minutes gave you guys a bit more time and gave us a little bit of a window,” Berkson said.

As for future demonstrations, the district has yet to decide how to respond.

“There’s no protocol for it,” said Assistant Principal Adam Paulson. “If all of a sudden we just saw a lot of students walking out, we would obviously follow to supervise and make sure everything is okay.”

Teachers and district employees are also continuing to develop policies to protect Paly in the event of a campus shooting.

“I think a lot of people are looking for the magic wand,” Berkson said. “The minute you fix one place, there’s always another place that’s vulnerable.”

While the district has yet to formulate a standardized response, Paulson says they will continue to discuss measures such as admin supervision to facilitate safety.

“We want to make sure we’re prepared as much as we can be to keep students safe and ensure sure return to class in an orderly fashion,” Paulson said. “As a school, we can’t take a side on an issue, and we shouldn’t. You guys have to make your own choices and sometimes deal with the consequences.”