Palo Alto High School will receive new furniture after a significant donation from an anonymous donor.

According to English teacher Marc  Tolentino, the furniture is expected to be delivered around Winter Break. Principal Kim Diorio said that the art, English, science, former history and former math buildings will all receive furniture upgrades in December.

Furniture manufacturer KI will be working with Paly to design the new furniture. KI provided the furniture for the math and history buildings as well as the Media Arts Center.

In preparation for the furniture revamp, Tolentino and other English teachers will begin “test driving” English classrooms in the Media Arts Center to see what desks and chairs best fit their teaching style.

“A lot of teachers who are teaching in the Media Arts Center have offered me an opportunity to test drive a classroom, meaning that I can bring in [my] class during an empty period and check out to see how the furniture works for me,” Tolentino said.

One of the new desks being discussed is the KI’s “Learn II,” a chair-and-desk combination with wheels that brings increased mobility. Journalism teacher Esther Wojcicki believes that the moveable desks will improve the learning environment.

“The moveable desks prevent teachers from lecturing, making classes more engaging for kids,” Wojcicki said.