Whimsical artist, social media influencer, lover of locally sourced tees and good jeans.  His art-making and street clothes have blended together over time, giving him paint-splattered boots and a one-of-a-kind graphic tee collection.

To begin, Mr. Ferrera is an art legend. 

“I have a specific drawer at home that is for art clothes that I can get dirty, and usually it’s the items that started out nice but after I’ve worn them for a while they make their way into the not nice drawer.”

He runs the ceramics and glass blowing studios, and his personal art style is nostalgic, whimsical, and has racked up 34 thousand followers on his art Instagram account.

“I definitely like comfort and fit, but whenever I buy tee shirts, if I don’t make them myself I’m definitely into the design”

His style in three words:

“Casual, affordable, functional.”