Palo Alto High School plans on renovating the library building with hopes to begin construction in July 2016.

According to Paly librarian Rachel Kellerman, the renovation design will be finished by the end of December. The design aims to create an atmosphere more conducive to academics.

“There will no longer be a pass through [in the library], so that will cut down on all the traffic and will preserve the environment of mellowness instead of frantic passing through,” Kellerman said.

Proposed spaces for the building include the library, student activities, instructional spaces, meeting rooms, the College and Career center, and the Guidance Center.

The conceptual design, which is posted on the Palo Alto Unified School District website, showcases large windows, a mezzanine and skylights. Stylistically, the library will have a double-height space and new openings that incorporate bookshelves and edge seating along windowed walls.

The new design will also feature modern technology to assist students.

“We are going to have a genius bar,” Kellerman said. “If someone has a tech issue, there will be plenty of charging stations here for them to come and get help.”