With club day now behind us, Paly officially has 96 clubs registered to meet during first semester. In having so many options, newer clubs tend to be looked over or simply hidden in the midst of the club day crowd. Below are descriptions of a few new clubs that have surfaced at Paly this year.

Cosmetology Club

Palo Alto High School’s new Cosmetology Club aims to bring together boys and girls and boost self-esteem.

“We decided to start the club for people to realize that makeup is an art, and also for girls and guys to be able to get experience in the makeup world together

—junior Giselle Navarro

Impartial Politics Club

The Impartial Politics Club is perfect for people who enjoy discussing current events and politics without having to revert back to the division between political parties.

“I think that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a civil discussion about politics that does not revolve around being a Democrat or a Republican

—junior Georgia Cowie

Lemon Club

Lemon Club is a new digital offshoot of Proof Magazine focused on all aspects of fashion.

“We want it to be just a bunch of friends together, talking about fashion and writing articles whenever”

—junior Ally Kim

Moxi club

Moxi Club is an art, culture, photography and fashion magazine for students in photography, design or journalistic writing.

“My friend Noah and I have a certain style and aesthetic and we really wanted to create a publication that readers can scroll through with less writing and more photos

— junior president Ena Zou