Verde met with Glassblowing Club President senior Sydney Liu to discuss the club’s first year and future goals.

Overall, how was the year for the club?

I would consider the club to be very successful this year. We had over 150 people sign up, and I really hope that we gave them all a memorable experience. Our main goal with this club was to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to glassblow because it’s such a unique experience that Paly students are lucky to have.

As a new club, what have you learned that you can carry forward for the next years?

Due to the huge number of people who signed up for the club this year, I had to sacrifice a lot of my lunches to run the club. Thankfully, I had a couple friends helping me out, and I definitely couldn’t have run the club without them. I’ve passed on the Glassblowing Club to three juniors for next year, and I know they’ve learned from my mistakes. Running a club takes a lot of trial and error, and I really hope the challenges that we faced this year will be resolved in the next years.