A group of Palo Alto High School students are looking forward to creating a mural as the 2013 senior gift, after receiving approval for the project from the Public Art Commission at the Palo Alto Civic Center.

Seniors Michael Wang, Lisie Sabbag, and Claire Marchon are collaborating with Associated Student Body director Matthew Hall and senior Jessica Tam to create a mural as the 2013 senior gift.

The PAC approved the project on Thursday, March 21, and plans to give the senior class space to create a student-made mural on the wind tunnel on Embarcadero Rd.

The seniors also want to create a tradition by allowing future seniors to have a space in the tunnel for their own viking murals.

“The hope is [that] each graduating class can have their own space on embarcadero. We are painting it with the intention that it will be built upon and continued,” Wang said.