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Castilleja’s plans for expansion

To increase enrollment as well as to mitigate traffic, Castilleja has proposed a construction plan that will occur in three phases. Castilleja’s aim is to incrementally increase the enrollment cap after each stage of its three-phase redevelopment of the campus.

Phase 1: Castilleja will build an underground parking garage, allowing the school to redirect daily drop-off and pick-up traffic from Bryant, through the underground garage, onto Emerson, and then Embarcadero. The school believes this will help reduce the daily morning traffic in the surrounding neighborhood, alleviating the neighbors’ concerns about Castilleja’s increased enrollment.

Phase 2: After the completion of the underground garage, Castilleja will replace  its current classroom buildings with a single, two-story building. While rebuilding the classrooms, students will temporarily be moved to portables on the field.

Phase 3: The last stage of the redevelopment will lower the center of the campus to decrease noise and reroute truck deliveries and waste pick-ups through the recessed circle.

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