This year’s Palo Alto High School winter dance will take place on Feb. 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the small gym and dance room.

Tasi will be the disk jockey for the 2015 winter Sadie’s formal dance.

Paly’s Associated Student Body will be providing donuts since the deep fried churros were overwhelmingly successful during Homecoming.

The theme, Sadie Hawkins, has not been used over the past couple years, and ASB members believe this will be a fun change of pace.

ASB social commissioner Cezanne Lane has not yet decided whether she will be holding an asking contest since this year’s Homecoming asking competition was less successful than last year’s.

The press release from ASB emphasized that this dance is all-inclusive, and although the dance title promotes girls asking boys, they want everyone to feel comfortable asking anyone they wish to.

“As a body, we recognize the progress society has made since the origination of Sadie’s as well as the growing conversation related to gender roles and gender identity,” ASB’s press release said.

The Sadie Hawkins theme originates from the late 1930s and therefore has a multitude of out-of-date practices that ASB has taken into consideration while deciding on the theme.

“There are some older ideas that come with it,” Lane said. “Sadie’s itself is not just suggesting that a girl can ask a guy. We just want to encourage all of the student body to ask anyone.”

This will be Paly’s last dance in the small gym since the gyms are planned to be torn down next fall.

Tickets are available online at the Paly webstore and are also being sold on the Quad.