ASB promotes Homecoming changes, launches asking competition

ASB promotes Homecoming changes, launches asking competition

Rachel van Gelder

With Spirit Week just around the corner, Palo Alto High School students can look forward to a new venue for the Homecoming Dance.

The dance will be held on Oct. 24 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, according to the Associated Student Body’s Facebook event. After the demolition of its two gyms, Paly lost not only its main athletic facility but also its usual location for the Homecoming dance.

ASB President Will Zhou said the change of venue will be an improvement for Paly dances.

“We’re definitely hoping to revolutionize the Homecoming Dance,” Zhou said. “With this being an outside venue, we have a larger budget for this dance because the district is covering the expenses of renting the venue, so we have more [money] to put into this one.”

Students can purchase tickets online, at the door, at the night rally, or at the Homecoming football game on Oct. 23 for $10-15.

ASB is also hosting the annual Homecoming asking competition. To enter, students can post a video of their asking to the “Homecoming 2.0” Facebook event or by emailing it to student activities director Matt Hall by Oct. 21. The most popular videos nominated by Facebook likes will be included in an online poll where students can vote for their favorite asking on Oct. 22 and 23. The first place winner will receive a $15 Chipotle gift card, second place will receive a $10 Jamba Juice gift card, and third place will receive a $5 Cold Stone gift card.