Spirit Week Recap?

“Spirit week this year went really well … One of the big changes we made was … switching to Hungry Hungry Hippos, which ups more participation and takes the pressure off of one or two individuals.”

What’s Changing?

“There was a lot of confusion around the deductions for the juniors and seniors. One big goal that we’ve been talking about for next year is coming out with an official rule sheet about what is going to be a deduction and how much it’s going to make you lose points.”

Any Finals Week Plans?

“For finals week, we’re definitely going to be doing events like Cookies on the Quad or other things to help loosen some stress.”

Future Activities?

“Of course, there’s Prom, and we’re going to be doing a couple more surprise Cookies on the Quad at unannounced times … maybe get apple cider, hot chocolate for those holiday cookies on the quad. Also, there’s gonna be a ping pong tournament that is going to be the next one I think.”