What has been most challenging this year for ASB?

Students are lacking connections between each other and lacking the social-emotional piece that school would have provided us with. We are trying to come up with as many events as we can to bring the “fun” part of school back, however, we are noticing that less and less students want to be on a screen for longer than needed.

Any events we can look forward to in the near future?

We are leaning towards a movie night right before finals for students to relax for a bit. For second semester, we were planning more in-person events, but we put a hold on that for now to see what we’re working with.

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How can students get involved?

ASB is has been coming up with a ton of events for the student body, and I think we should take advantage of the opportunities. I encourage everyone to follow their class accounts and the Paly ASB account on Instagram since everything is publicized there. If you don’t have social media, stay up to date on Schoology for ASB reminders!

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